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Salty Crew: Find Refuge In The Sea

For the hard workers. The searchers. The risk taking, mistake making, watermen with nothing to prove. For the seafaring, the wax sharing, the grommets, young and old. For the tried and true, who’ve paid their dues, for those who Find Refuge in the Sea.

Fishing Clothing & Apparel
Explore the expansive selection of fishing clothing and apparel Salty Crew offers for men, women, and kids. Dedicated to outfitting enthusiasts who draw inspiration from the water, our range includes everything from insulated jackets to breathable shorts, designed to withstand the elements while fishing, surfing, diving, or sailing. Unique graphics and robust materials distinguish Salty Crew's apparel, ensuring both style and durability. Customers enjoy free shipping on all Australian and New Zealand orders over $50, making it easier than ever to gear up and hit the waters in style.

Fishing Shirts, Jerseys & Tops
Salty Crew elevates fishing shirts, jerseys, and tops to a new level, crafting each piece with fishing, surfing, diving, and sailing in mind. Our variety spans men’s and women’s essential fishing shirts, t-shirts, stylish button-ups, cozy flannels, versatile tank tops, and protective long sleeve tops, suitable for any setting, on or off the water. Each garment is designed to enhance the fishing and outdoor experience, incorporating quick-dry technology and UV protection. These quality fishing shirts are specially designed for prolonged outdoor activities, ensuring comfort and protection no matter the conditions.

Explore our men's fishing clothing, women’s fishing clothing and kid's fishing clothing collections, designed to provide durability, comfort, and style for every fishing expedition. Whether you're casting lines off the pier or cruising the open seas, Salty Crew has you covered.